Through our partner universities, we at Darwin EdTech, provide global education that shapes the careers of future leaders. Darwin EdTech is the flagship company of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies, which has multiple verticals like Electric vehicles, Refineries, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, Nutraceuticals, Infrastructure, Realty, Mass Media, Insurance, Housekeeping, Travel, Finance, Aviation, Engine Oil among other verticals. We provide full time, distance learning with a twinning programs option from all over the world by leveraging programmes like the MBA (AACSB Accredited Universities) and the Stem Induced MS in Business Analytics, Computer Science, and Accounting, which allow students to participate in optional practical training (OPT) for up to three years. Darwin EdTech promises to provide a top-tier curriculum with renowned faculty, particularly in the area of business analytics, where significant concentrations will be explored for adopting the best of its kind and presenting widely used higher-level computing concepts, such as discrete modelling and analysis.